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Welcome to our online betta store. We breed and import high quality betta fish and sell many of the products for their care. We will be adding more products to our lin up soon. We are located in Calgary Canada and love betta. My name is CJ and Im a huge betta enthusiast. If you have any questions please feel free to reach me at logisticsguy@hotmail.com 

This weeks specials

Indian Almond Leaf  10      5.00
Microworm starter culture  5.00
BBS eggs                           8.00
Male HM betta                   10.00
Female HM betta               10,00
Kanaplex                            12.50

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Upcoming spawns

Giant HMPK Dragon X Giant HMPK Dragon
Giant HM EE x Super Giant HMPK
Giant HM EE x  Marble HM

Upcoming shipments Dec.28

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Indian Almond Leaf  (ial) 50g A 10.00         Marimo Moss Balls nano 3.00


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